What you did to the least of these My Brethren, you did to me.
Matthew 25:40
Making a difference
In 2003, former FBI Agent Rosemary Dew published No Backup: My Life as a Female FBI Agent (Carroll & Graf Publishers). For 13 years she struggled against the FBI system, attaining the rank of Supervisory Special Agent, but resigning in disgust after realizing she could make more impact fighting for change elsewhere.
Her new book, In Mother Teresa's House: A Hospice Nurse in the Slums of Calcutta, follows nurse Rosemary Dew's journey of compassion as she travels to Calcutta to volunteer in Mother Teresa's House for Sick and Dying Destitutes. Dew offers a first-hand account of life among the poorest of the poor and how the commitment of humble volunteers can make all the difference in the world when they offer what people need most: compassion, understanding, and human
dignity. (Available on,, and